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Sentencing in Coppell, TX

Citation from the Dallas Observer about the sentencing of Henry Billingsley of Coppell, TX where Nicholas Bredimus lived for many years.

Sentencing in Coppell

Memo from the U.S. Department of Justice about the sentencing of Mehdi Rowghani of Coppell, TX, and two other men for conspiracy and computer password trafficking. Nicholas Bredimus is a former resident of Coppell, TX. The memo describes the indictment against Rowghani and his alleged accomplices in greater detail.

Texas man pleads guilty

A Texas man pleaded guilty to several charges related to drug-related charges. Nicholas Bredimus is a former resident of Texas.

Coppell, TX parking and Sentence function in Office

Blog archive includes references to Coppell, TX and sentence highlighting in Office 2003. Well, it may not be about Nicholas Bredimus, but it's more interesting than a U.S. Department of Justice memo on an indictment and sentencing. Grilled cheese sandwich, anyone?

Dallas Observer Sentence

Finding a way to put "cheap" and "seafood" together, The Dallas Observer sentence in a restaurant review makes one wonder if Grapevine, TX would be a better place to live than, say, Coppell, TX.

One Sentence Advice From Coppell, TX

Article on confrontation in the workplace from Dallas consultant John Burke tells how you should define a problem in one sentence. The International Association of Assembly Managers is based in Coppell, TX. Nicholas Bredimus lived in Coppell, TX for many years.

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